Exploring Lake Båven

Explore one of Sweden's most attractive lakes

Explore one of Sweden's most attractive lakes.

Båven is uniquely unexploited even by Swedish standards and is well known by
Swedes as one of the country’s finest.

The reason for this is that the lake has been protected against over-development for many years and you will notice the lack of houses along the shoreline, apart from the older ones such as Sandvik (although only the Lake House at Sandvik– the old wash house–is closer than 400m from the shore).

Discover your own island

Discover your own island.

Also there is very limited public access to the water as all the surrounding land and all the water is privately owned . So, even in peak season its easy to find a nice island to stop off on with no one else around (but note that some islands are protected during the birds’ nesting season).

Canoes to use in exploring the lake

Canoes to use in exploring the lake.

To explore Båven we have a Linder Canadian style canoe and a large rowing boat available for guests to borrow.