Excursions for the day

Excursions within Sörmland:

There are many attractions in the county, including zoos, castles, museums and shopping. The link below is the best we have seen that summarises the best things to do.


if you would like to go shopping for locally made products, or enjoy local cafe’s and restaurants, a new association has been created called “Väg 223” after the 223 road that runs from Mariefred to Nyköping. Its a pretty drive and along the length of it there are several local businesses that have joined together to help promote local trade and tourism.

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Visit Stockholm for the day:

Stockholm is a beautiful city and going to the city for a day’s excursion from Sandvik is easily achievable as its only 100km from Sandvik. Traffic can be a bit heavy during the week but between midsummer and end of July the traffic vanishes as everyone is away! Also at that time there is no congestion charge! Normally the drive is 1 hr 20m.  Parking in Stockholm is about 30kr per hour. The train is often the easiest way, and we recommend parking at Vagnhärad where the parking is free, from where its only 30 min to Stockholm central station.


Stockholm tourism: http://beta.stockholmtown.com/en/

Train information: www.sj.se

Parking in Stockholm: www.stockholmparkering.se