Many species of birds can be seen around Båven.

Båven and Sandvik has some of the best diversity in bird life in Europe. Experience the arrival of the migratory storks and the swifts, and the sound of the cuckoo and woodpeckers. Our barns and outbuildings have been carefully preserved not to disturb their nests.  We have a pair of mating Ospreys on an island in the lake (in a designated conservation area) and Båven is a paradise for ospreys due to the lake’s abundant fish and lack of development.

Birds that can be seen are Owls, (Ural, Pygmy, Tengmalm´s etc) and woodpeckers (Black, Grey-headed, Three-toed etc) and to a certain extent game birds like Capercaille, Black Grouse and Hazel Hen. The best time to visit is in March-April when also geese, swans and cranes are on migration. A visit later in May-June is optimal for breeding birds including more easterly warblers such as Blyth´s Reed, Marsh, Grasshopper and River Warbler. Also Red-breasted Flycatcher, Rosefinch and Red-backed Shrike are around, to name a few. Late summer-autumn is good for arctic waders, September-October best for migrating passerines (often best by the coastline) and again geese. November-February is usually very slow but could some years offer invasion species like three species of Crossbills, Pine Grosbeak, Snow Bunting and Hawk-Owl.

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